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Lazy Cat Litter Shovel Set

Lazy Cat Litter Shovel Set

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Lazy Cat Litter Shovel Set

 Hate cleaning out your Cat's litter tray?... That is why we created the Lazy Cat Litter Shovel Set, to make scooping their poop that much easier!


Our Lazy Cat Litter Shovel Set is the perfect 2-1, as our poop scoop has a section for built-in refill bags, so you never have to get your hands dirty again!

Simply scoop up all your cat's waste with the shovel (sieving out all the clean litter), then tie up the waste bag once you have finished & replace it with a new bag for next time... yes, it's really that easy.

Save yourself money with our Lazy Cat Litter Shovel, as it is designed to easily filter the clean cat litter back into the tray, reducing the amount of clean cat litter you waste.

Not only will you save yourself money on cat litter, but it is also a great way to reduce waste and help the environment at the same time.


1. With a large and enough capacity, it can hold a good amount of cat litter.
2. The bottom can hold the litter bag directly. After being filled, it can be removed easily.
3. Made of high-quality plastic, it is durable and easy to clean.
4. It can filter the cat litter easily, avoiding unnecessary waste.
5. With a handle, it is easy to use and operate.

Product Information:
Product colour: Grey
Product material: pp
Product size: 20*12*29cm

Packing List:

-Cat litter shovel x1 (with refill bags, depending on how many you selected)


Estimated Delivery Time:

USA: 10-18 days
UK: 7-12 days
Sweden: 12-16 days
Spain: 7-15 days
The Netherlands: 8-15 days
France: 6-12 days

Please note these are not the only countries we can deliver to, these are just examples to give you an idea of average shipping times for this product. Thank you.

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