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3 in 1 Dog Lead, Water bottle & Bowl

3 in 1 Dog Lead, Water bottle & Bowl

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3 in-1 Dog Lead, Water bottle & Bowl

This 3 in 1 Dog lead is essential for all dog owners this summer!


It's important to keep your dog hydrated, especially in hot weather, but it annoying carrying an extra water bottle just for them right? ... well now you don't need to!



Our cleverly designed 3 in 1 Dog Lead will enable you to carry water for your dog, a bowl for them to drink the water from and a lead to walk your dog with all in ONE HAND! No more carrying unwanted items.

Just slide out the foldable bowl from the side of the lead, then unscrew the water cap and pour your dog a fresh bowl of water to keep them happy. Simply flatten the bowl back down and slide it back into place and you are good to go. 




Our 3 in 1 Lead will take your dog walking to the next level! 

Not only this, but our revolutionary lead also has a secret compartment underneath which allows you to store your dog's waste bags & has a convenient hook, where you can hang your used waste bag until you find the nearest waste bin.

Keep your hands clean & free so you can enjoy more time with your pet.



Stay prepared on your adventures with this 3 in 1 combination dog lead, water bottle and bowl. The adjustable leash makes it easy to control your furry friend during walks, while the bowl and water bottle help you provide your bestie with the necessary hydration and nutrition. The all-in-one convenience makes it the perfect solution for any pet parent.



Material: Plastic
Colour: blue, black, red
Product size: 23CM*17CM5.2CM
Can the lead expand and contract: no


Package Content:

1*Dog leash 



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