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Banana Peel Bed

Banana Peel Bed

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Banana Peel Bed 

The Banana Peel Bed is purrfect for your cat to hide, nap, and peek out at unsuspecting passersby!  

Banana Bed Pet House

It's cosy, plush, and extremely soft. Your cat is guaranteed to love this Bed.

Peel the banana open or closed with its velcro closure for maximum comfort and sneakiness. Give your beloved cat optimal comfort with our Banana Cat Bed!

Our Banana Cat Bed provides an extra cosy and warm spot for your cat on a cold winter day. It features a banana peel your cat can hide in and out of while still having the privacy your cat needs.


Banana Bed Pet House

Product category: pet nest
Colour: yellow banana nest, pink banana nest, green banana nest
Material: Super soft short plush fabric, 2.0 cm thick sponge 

S: length 40 width 15 height 11 (cm), suitable for 1kg 
M: length 55 width 20 height 15 (cm), suitable for 2.5kg
L: length 68 width 25 height 18 (cm), suitable for 3.5kg
XL: length 91 width 32 height 19 (cm), suitable for 7.5kg

Package Content:

1*Closed pet bed

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