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Slow Feed Interactive Balance Car for Cats & Dogs

Slow Feed Interactive Balance Car for Cats & Dogs

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Slow Feed Interactive Balance Car for Cats & Dogs



Our new Slow Feed Interactive Balance Car is made from an intelligent robot tumbler design. With a rolling balance system meaning it requires no electric drive and it will keep standing no matter how your pet pushes it.

Your dog or cat can be rewarded by constantly pushing it over, greatly extending your pet's eating time and they will have so much fun using it. When the toy swings back and forth, it can still move without external force, which increases the enjoyment of cats and dogs. 


Improve IQ: Designed as an interactive puzzle, your pet can move it with their nose or paw, improving their intelligence and coordination. Feed time will never be boring again, let your pet enjoy the fun of feeding, while constantly improving their natural foraging skills


Protect Your Pet's Stomach: A lot of our pets LOVE their food and most of them are so excited for dinner time that they eat their food within the first 20 seconds... sadly this can lead to many problems. That's why our Slow Feeder is the best way to slow down your pet's eating and protect your pet's gastrointestinal health. Simply fill with your pet's favourite treats to promote active, healthy slow feeding. 


Perfect playtime activity: Inspire their enthusiasm for learning by pairing them with treats and playtime. Replace boring rubber toys and chew sticks. Your dog will be more active and have fun. Ideal for reducing destructive behaviour in pets and for keeping your pet entertained/distracted while you get work done. It can improve intelligence and is an interactive and boredom-relieving pet toy.



Safe and Easy to Use:  Made of strong ABS material, safe and non-toxic. You can easily add your dog's favourite treats, with no assembly required, rinse with warm soapy water and dry after use. NOTE: The size of the treats should match the food leak hole size. Suitable for small to medium dogs and cats of all sizes.


ADDITIONAL NOTES: PLEASE NOTE:  The dog treats must be smaller than about 1.2cm in diameter to fit through the hole, don't worry, most puppy and kitten treats will go through.

This is not a chew toy, ABS material may not be suitable for domineering dogs. Violent play should not be allowed.


Product information:
Material: ABS
Weight: 300g
Colour: black, lake blue, yellow, green
Size: 13.8 * 8 * 11cm

Packing list:
Food leaker*1

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