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Cats Massage Arch Brush

Cats Massage Arch Brush

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Cats Massage Arch Bruch 


 Does your cat love a good back scratch?... then this is the perfect gift for them to enjoy! 

Endless hours of pleasure will be had by your cat with our Cats Massage Arch Brush! 

Not only will it hit those annoying itchy spots but it is the perfect way to help brush your cat's fur and keep their fur silky smooth.

 ...but don't just take our word for it, why not scroll down to read some of the reviews below to see just how much other peoples cat's love it too!


 Cats Massage Arch Brush


1. PVC wool brush: skin-friendly and comfortable; steel wire screw tightening; does not shed easily.
2. The base is made of PVC board + thick carpet cloth, which is wear-resisting and scratch-resistant.
3. Anti-skid bottom pad: the cat is not easy to slide when playing. 

 Cats Massage Arch Brush


Material: PVC+ steel wire + carpet cloth
Colour: Black brush + Brown base
Product size:
Base plate: 36cm / 14.2in long, 29cm / 11.4in wide, 1cm / 0.4in thick
Arch: 35cm / 13.8in high, 30cm / 11.8in wide
Weight: 730 g

Package Includes: 1 X Cats Massage Arch Brush Kit

Shipping time: 10 Days shipping to the UK

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