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Dog Anti-bite Mouthpiece

Dog Anti-bite Mouthpiece

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Dog Anti-bite Mouthpiece

Is your dog having trouble with barking or biting?... don't worry, we are here to help.


 Our Dog Anti-bite Mouthpiece is the perfect way to protect your dog & other dogs in potentially stressful situations.

 Our Dog Anti-bite Mouthpiece is designed to be freer than a solid muzzle, allowing your dog to pant, cool off & drink when necessary. Ideal for hot weather. 

Not all dogs with a Dog Anti-bite Mouthpiece are "dangerous", it may just be the case that you are trying to train your dog and you need to incorporate certain disciples (such as the mouthpiece) in order to help them focus on the particular task they are training for. 


Each size of the Dog Anti-bite Mouthpiece is adjustable, so you have the control to put it as loose/tight as required for your dog for the ultimate comfort


Size Information:

S--adjustable 12-15cm--recommended 6-10 kg
M--adjustable 14-20cm--recommended 10-18 kg
L--adjustable 18-24cm--recommended 20-40 kg
XL--adjustable 22-28cm--recommended 40-65 kg
XXL--adjustable 28-34cm--recommended 65-100 kg


Packing list:

Dog Anti-bite Mouthpiece x1

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