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Yellow Doggie Raincoat

Yellow Doggie Raincoat

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Yellow Doggie Raincoat

Do you hate drying your soaking wet dog after a long rainy walk?... Well, now you won't have to!

Our adorable Yellow Doggie Raincoat will keep your dog nice and dry, even in the heaviest of rain. So there will be no more soaking wet dogs shaking all their unwanted water off into your clean home, giving you yet another cleaning task to do.


This coat is the perfect way to stop your dog from shivering and getting too cold on those dark wet winter nights.

Not only this but isn't this the cutest dog raincoat that you have ever seen?


1. The waterproof dog raincoat is made of 100% durable PU material, which can keep your dog dry and comfortable on rainy days without worrying about having to dry off your soaking wet dog before they come back into the house.

We designed the hood part of the hat to be made from transparent EVA material, so even if it rains, it will not block your dog's sight, while keeping their head dry too.

2. The neckline of the back of the coat has a small hole which allows you to connect the collar/harness to the leash for better control. This pet poncho is definitely suitable for your fluffy pet who likes to go out on rainy days.

3. The raincoat has an elastic band under the dog's abdomen, which can keep the dog's abdomen warm and prevent the short legs from getting wet. The dog’s raincoat can be washed. You can wipe the surface of the raincoat with a damp cloth that has been wrung out, or you can gently machine wash it with cold water and dry it. Pet raincoats are essential equipment for walking the dog on rainy days.

4. The pullover design does not require the dog to raise its legs, and the adjustable chest strap makes it convenient and simple to put on and take off the coat. It also has a long nylon buckle, which means you can be sure to fit snugly or loosely.

Whether you are going out with your pet on a rainy or snowy day, our lightweight pet raincoat is the cutest choice you make.


Colour: Egg Yolk Yellow
Size: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, 8XL

Packaging Information:
1 x raincoat

Size information:

Dog raincoats are available in 10 sizes, suitable for all types of dogs. Before placing an order, please accurately measure your pet's bust.

 Yellow Doggie Rain Coat Size Chart


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