Laser Toys for Cats
Laser Toys for Cats

Kitty-Control Laser Toy

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Kitty-Control Laser Toy

All cats love a little bit of entertainment, so be kind to your fur baby and treat them to this amazing new toy, that will keep them occupied for hours.

Comes with a smart laser that circles around unpredictably, causing them to chase that moving red dot that will not seem to go away... 

The automatic features of Kitty-Control mean that you can leave it on and your cat will play for hours.  This is not only a great form of exercise for the kitty but a fun toy to watch your pet play with.

There are 5 different settings for circle ranges, which allows for adjustments to where you may want to display the laser-beam path to go.

Also comes with a hand-held mode, so that you are able to interact with your cat more personally.



This toy always needs to be placed in a space where it can not be knocked over, especially went your cat is running around frantically in the pursuit of the never-ending battle of the uncatchable red dot.


Material: PC+ABS
Colour: white
Power: USB or 4 AA Batteries
Size: 80*80*180mm