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Suction Cup Cat Window Hammock

Suction Cup Cat Window Hammock

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Suction Cup Cat Window Hammock


The perfect way for your cat to chill in style, while getting its much-needed vitamin D!

We know your cat likes to look out the window. They like to lie in the sun and track the birds and other animals that can be seen in your garden. Looking out the window, you can keep the cat happy for hours, all in the comfort and warmth of your home.

The Suction Cup Cat Window Hammock provides a beautiful exterior view for your cat to come and enjoy with a comfortable bed to relax and stretch on. Just like the front seat of a cat's favourite movie. 

The super-strong suction cups can hold up to 10kg in weight, so can safely & comfortably hold up to two of your cats.


1style: PVC mesh fabric stitching cat hammock
2style: Flannel stitching cat hammock
3style: Sandwich cloth stitching cat hammock


Material: plastic

Screw sucker with super suction power, will not fall off for a long time!

Package Content:

1 x Cat Hammock

Notes on how to best install the Suction Cup Cat Window Hammock:

1. Before the hammock is installed, please soak the suction cup with 60-degree warm water for ten minutes; 

2. Wipe the contact surface of the glass and the suction cup with a wet towel or a damp cloth; 

3. After the suction cup is attached, be sure to press the air inside the extrusion; 

4. After you install it, you need to wait patiently for 20 minutes. When the water on the glass is naturally dried, the suction strength will be a lot firmer.


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