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Pet Carry & Travel Bag

Pet Carry & Travel Bag

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 Pet Carry & Travel Bag

Pet Carry & Travel Bag

Have you ever thought about the best way to carry your pet around, whilst you are on the move?

Never have to worry about leaving your pet behind again with our Pet Carry & Travel Bag.

Look no further, when considering a great way for your pet to travel with you.  This is a perfect way for your pet to travel with you, whilst you are on the move.  Comes with accessory compartments i.e. mobile phones, pet toys etc. making life much easier for you and your pet.



 Please note, our bags are designed in three sizes: 5kg, 8kg and 10kg and so are designed for a smaller pet, such as a pup, a small dog or a cat.


Pet Carry & Travel Bag

> New and high-quality dog carrier bag
> Durable and washable
> Open-top pet pouch carrier with legs out design
> Easy-access side zips, elastic top closure, breathable mesh

> Fabric is well padded to ensure comfort for both you and your pet
> Fully adjustable straps, with internal leash attachment
> Can be worn on your front or back


Material: Polyester
Hardness: Soft

Colour variants:  Pink, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green



S30*34*16 CM Pet weight<=5KG

L36*45*21 CM Pet weight<=8kg

XL55*41*25CM Pet weight<=10kg

Package includes:

1 * Pet Carrier Backpack

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