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Mans Bestie

Magic Interactive Rolling Ball

Magic Interactive Rolling Ball

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Magic Interactive Rolling Ball

Entertain your cat for hours with our Magic Interactive Rolling Ball, encouraging healthy brain stimulation to keep your cat happy & healthy!


We all have our own jobs, our own friends and we can play with our phones whenever we are bored. However, our pets only have us in their little world. So when you are busy with life please don't forget about your cat... this magic playmate will keep them company when you are not around!

It's also the perfect way to encourage your cat to get their daily exercise in!

Smart Cat toy rolling magic ball

This Incredible smart toy has a 3-minute automatic standby & a smart touch start/stop, so your cat can easily reactive the Ball whenever they want to play!

It also comes with its own charging cable, so playtime never has to end!

Product Specifications:

Product Category: Smart Toys
Material: plastic
Weight: 60G
Colour: Light blue
Output power: DC5V/1000mA
Product size: 60×80mm, sphere diameter 48mm


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